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Our clients are losing up to 6 inches in 6 weeks! Stop throwing away money in a Gym Membership!

Here at FIT-U we specialize in 100% instructed training. You will never work out alone at our studio.

Unlike the big gyms, we keep our class sizes small and workouts focused. 

We know all about our clients, you are so much more than a number to us!

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The Fitness Studio is conveniently located in Westwood NJ a short drive from Woodcliff Lake, Harrington Park, Washington Twp, Hillsdale, Emerson and Ho Hokus NJ

A Fit-U In The New Year!

Have you made a new years resolution to get fit in the new year?

Join us at the fitness studio and our staff and personal trainers will help you meet your goals. So many people set fitness goals every new year and then for some reason or another don't stick to them. Our unique approach to personal training and weight loss will keep you committed and focused on the new you! The diversity of (AST) Aerial Suspension Training, Spin, Corebarre, TRX Suspension Training, Zumba, Kettle Bell, Kickboxing, Aerial Yoga, Cardio and Boot Camps combined with our (CELF) Clean Eating Life and Fitness Program will have you looking forward to coming to work out. Before you know it you will be addicted to the new you and your fitness program. Our members are losing 3 to 5 pounds per week. At Fitnaholics Unanimous we're not in the fitness business, we're in the results business! Take advantage of our 3 FREE sessions below and get ready to say hello to the new FIT-U!

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Fitnaholics Unanimous Fitness Studio

Specializing In Small Group Personal Training, Body Sculpting & Weight Loss

Join Us March 1st 2015 For Our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser For Jess! Event Details & Jess's Story Below

Join Us March 1st 2015 For Our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser For Jess!

Fitness For Cancer

No one thinks that they are going to wake up as a 36-year-old Bergen County mom, and be told those life altering words, “You have breast cancer.”  I always imagined that while in my thirties, my primary focus would be on my family and children.   Having spent the previous 11 years teaching Math, these last few years I’ve spent being a Mom to my 3 and 5 year old.  Funny how one day can change your entire perspective of life, and although you can never really be ready for cancer, the truth is, I was more prepared than I felt.

Fitness has always been part of my life more or less, but roughly 4 years ago, I took a deeper interest in physical exercise.  Who knew that my fitness life would prove to be the very weapon, which would arm me from the seeming hopelessness in my fight against cancer!  My treatment started in July 2014, going from a lumpectomy, to chemo, and 34 rounds of radiation.  I made the choice everyday to be a fighter, to be strong and most importantly to be positive. I kept my workout routine, and continued to workout every day.  I wasn’t going to allow cancer to take my life or passions away from me. Through the support of my wonderful family and friends, and the coincidence of a part time job at a fitness studio, I made it through my treatment successfully.  Physical exercise takes willingness, commitment, determination, and effort.  Those very attitudes kept me positive and brave throughout my treatment.  Now, I get to be employed at a place where I can pass all my strength and experience along to inspire others.  Cancer may have taken my hair, but it has not taken my spirit.  In the end, cancer has nothing on me!!